Before we start working Commissioner us two basic goals

These goals will accompany us during each phase of work which will help us in the planning stage and user interface application .
A. The first goal ( client side ) : the user experience of the target audience will be easy and more user-friendly so that its delay time will be longer on the site . In addition , the odds that he will recommend the site to its members grow and so the chances that he will return to use the website’s services many times in the future.
In . The second goal ( entrepreneurial side project ) : Increasing the hold time on the site (due to good user experience ) will significantly increase the chances of achieving marketing and business objectives of the project defined in the analysis phase of research . Of course the meaning of these goals is to increase the profitability of the project.

Planning and structuring the content of all pages of the site

Planning and structuring the content of all pages of the site:
Defining the structure of the home page and inside page of each site ( defining areas of visual expression such as images, video zones , regions textual , image zones , etc.).

Design and Setting site navigation menus

Navigation menus utmost importance in defining the user experience on the site. Definition of main menu includes the important categories on the site, setting submenus and visual emphasis corresponding order of importance .
The worst damage was caused in situations where it is unclear how navigate the site. As a result do not get the desired target and even more than that – the user leaves the site and returns to another.

Defining data fields per screen / content area – according to importance

Definition of the type of content on each page on the site. Means that important information gets relatively prominent at the expense of other content was minimized due to the lesser importance .

Predicting user moves possible

Many entrepreneurs mistakenly failing to execute an effective simulation of possible moves of the user of the Site . You try to imagine the mindset of the target audience through a number of simple questions : How does the target audience think ? What content interests him ? What content should focus ? How can a visitor to reach the goal ? How user interface design really makes it easy to ski ? Is achieving a successful content distribution important goal – increasing the delay time on the site? And more.

Defining psychological barriers

Human nature makes us behave when we tentatively against the relatively new and unfamiliar environment . When the audience for the first-time visitor on the site, it is very important to anticipate the objections psychological that may crop up in the head and thus strive to minimize them .
For example, a new sales might provoke resistance among the target audience at the payment stage ( Do you it would give your payment information reliable website owners and operators is questionable ? ) . Consider how you can minimize this resistance ? In such cases we offer explanatory text about the payment process , a visual mechanism for information security , maintaining customer service department is available at any time and such.

Planning Basic earnings

No internet entrepreneur who dreams of the exit ” make from the sale of his venture . But you should remember that the idea of ​​good is not enough ! Only the overall project planning stage his basic model is clear and real income increases chances of survival . At characterization is very important to set the profit centers : Revenues from the sale of advertising space , revenue from subscriptions on the website, sponsored links , cooperation versus commercial entities etc. .

Definition of technological modules

Design stage the UI should not underestimate the technological basis of the design project : What programming language built this site? What’s expected entry surfers ? Some parallel systems designed to interface with the site ? Is the required information security systems ? If it is a total site clearance – has to take place in virtual sales etc. .

Who will manage the content?

Each project requires a content network . Whether it is the textual content , visual , audio or sound , it is important to prepare in advance the way in content management . Have to plan the layout of writing texts , adjusting images, new designs , update the website , handling current bugs and the like . Maintaining a professional level of project requires an orderly preliminary and content management .